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Landscape Architecture Spring 2011 Electives - Nov 23, 2010

Exploration of the shifting relationship between conceiving and making through hands-on, collaborative experience with actual design-build projects in which students play a decisive role in all aspects of research, design, and construction of the commission.

The fabrication and construction team engages design intensive projects and creative, non-profit clients in collaborations that span design and construction. In such a practice the boundaries that conventionally distinguish the profession of architecture are eroded to admit other disciplines ordinarily thought of as distinct. The team operates as an academic/professional collaborative design lab that offers students a forum for exploration aimed at expanding the understanding of the complex relationships between thinking (conceiving, designing, theorizing) and making. This exploration surrounds collaborative projects and digital fabrication processes. Where academic design studios tend to focus on ideation, conceptualization and a little development, the team is about development and realization.

MK Design - Beirut

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